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Welcome to Richmond Cheer Atheltics

Richmond Cheer Athletics is a non-profit cheerleading club founded by Jackie Samson & Shannon Kamiel (Samson) in 2007 when the athletes from their junior high program began aging out and heading to high school but with no high school program this left them with nowhere to cheer. There was an increased interest in the area for cheerleading and so the pair decided to create Richmond Cheer Athletics so that they could offer cheer to a wider variety of ages. The crew finished their 2007-2008 junior high season while making the necessary arrangements to open RCA the following season. RCA then competed with their Senior level 4 all girl team in 2008-2009. RCA has since grown to include Youth, Junior and Senior divisions and the group has since moved into their own facility in Port Hawkesbury (August 2012).


At RCA we believe that cheerleading is more than just a sport, we believe it teaches athlete many important life skills that they can carry with themselves into their life outside of the gym. Some of these skills include the ability to work as a team, dedication, hard work, commitment, responsibility, leadership and many other great qualities!  

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